Questions About Bumps On Scalp From Shampoo Answered

Maria asks…

Scalp is red. is it a symptom of stress?

Hi all,

bit of a funny one. i cant find out anything on the net about my particular problem.

basically, i went to a hairdressers 3 months ago, they told me that my scalp was red, and asked me if it itched. i replied no, as i hadnt even noticed it was red until he said, and it feels totally fine. the guy said i must be suffering from stress, and need to chill out.

i’m 22, male, and my hair is starting to recede slightly, about 5mm or something. i have noticed that my hair is also slightly thinner than it waas previously. i’ve tried the tug test, and im not losing my hair on that.

i dont always use the same shampoo, nor the same hair gel or anything. i have no bumps or lesions on my scalp. it doesnt ever itch. it looks healthy, apart from being red. im at a total loss as to why.

all i can think, i had a bad split with my ex recently. it shook me up pretty bad. that was about 4 months ago. but id be better by now i think.

any experience or help is much appreciated. :-)

Daniel answers:

I worked with a guy who had psoriasis of the scalp and he always had a shiny head and hair due to the ointment he used. I don’t think it was related to baldness.

Hope this helps.

Richard asks…

Can someone tell me what kind of skin rash this is?

I have an itchy, red rash on my inner arms, mostly from the elbows to the wrists. I first noticed it two weeks ago, and it seems to come and go… I have lots of small, red bumps that are definitely raised from the skin, and very itchy. I’ve had heat rashes before, and this isn’t one… the only new product I’ve used is a shampoo, and my scalp, shoulders, neck and back are not affected at all. It seems to be contained solely to my inner arms. The itching is worst first thing in the morning. I live in NH, haven’t been outdoors much in the past few months, and I know that these aren’t flea bites…. so does anyone have a clue what it might be??

Daniel answers:

I’m a nurse and it’s hard to detect without viewing it for myself. You have to see a doctor for some medication so it won’t spread. I would try some OTC hydro cortisone cream on it (use as directed). I would try this first and if it continues and gets worse, see a doctor.

Joseph asks…

my head is always itchy?

I’ve used many shampoos (pantene, head & shoulders, herbal essences, dove, l’oreal) but my head is always itchy no matter what shampoo i use! i definitely don’t have lice i got checked but sometimes i get small bumps on my scalp probably from scratching too much & i wash my hair 3 times a week cause its unhealthy to wash long hair too much, i rinse the shampoo off completely & its rare that i get dandruff so what’s the problem? :(

Daniel answers:

You may have hard water that causes your skin to dry and become more irritated than normal.

Try switching to a shampoo that moisturizes your skin or prevents itch caused by dry skin.

Mark asks…

my scalp is VERY itchy…what can i do for it?

ok for like the last 3 weeks my scalp has been VERY itchy and at first it was my hands arms legs feet and my head and i thought it was from a lotion i put on..its was butt my scalp itched the most and very bad so i second to believe it was something from my cousins dog.i tried washing my hair with T/gel shampoo but that didn’t really work.does anyone know another shampoo or ways i can treat my itchy scalp i really need to do something about this my hair is breaking off and i think i would cry for days if my hair came all out. i looked at my scalp there’s no open cut or anything when my grandmother looked at my scalp and she saw no bumps so yea anyone help me out?

Daniel answers:

Try paul mitchell tea tree oil shampoo it works awesome it helps to soothe itchy scalp

Charles asks…

My head is always so itchy! And I get little red bumps on my neck. HELP! 10 POINTS!!?

About a month ago, I started using head & shoulders dandruff shampoo, obviously, to take care of my dandruff. im not sure if its the shampoo or my other brand conditioner doing this, but my scalp has been VERY itchy. sides near the front, closer to the top, around my ears, and the back of my head. sometimes i find an little itchy bump on the skin of my scalp. i also get a lot of itchy itchy red bumps on the back of my neck. my head gets sore from itching so much. i had my mom check for lice, and there’s no sign of them. none at all. i also use heat protector spray before i straighten my hair, and im wondering if this could be the cause too. is it my shampoo, my conditioner, or my heat spray? what should i do? i didnt want to stop using my shampoo if i didnt have to, cuz my dandruff gets bad. what could be wrong with my scalp/neck/skin? what should i do about it?
after a shower its usually better. like, when my hair is clean, it is much better. when i wake up, my neck under the hairline is usually the itchiest. i went to my hairdresser today to get my hair done, and she didnt notice anything wrong, and i didnt even tell her.

Daniel answers:


From my own experiences – I used to be allergic to my own sweat that I was burning off during exercise – during a time in my life when I used to have considerable toxins stored within my body fat. I eventually learned that itching or rashes are symptoms of maladies that could become much worse if never healed with good choices.

Although I have seen that most root problems for ‘skin’ issues for myself and others has usually always been from long and or short term allergic reactions to ‘something’ COMBINED WITH a weakened lymph liver kidney skin and immune systems – IF the following symptoms would ever occur – I think the worst rash one might possibly have rapidly acquired is from deadly bacterial meningitis, BUT bacterial meningitis would be VERY RARE.

The two quotes below are from:

“IF a rash is present, it may indicate a particular cause of meningitis; for instance, meningitis caused by meningococcal bacteria may be accompanied by a characteristic rash.”

“The MOST common symptoms of meningitis are headache and neck stiffness associated with fever, confusion or altered consciousness, vomiting, and an inability to tolerate light (photophobia) or loud noises (phonophobia). SOMETIMES, especially in small children, only nonspecific symptoms may be present, such as irritability and drowsiness.”

For further details see:

To help you with more information on itch rash illnesses and for long term solutions TO THEM ALL – the following link has considerable info within a ‘report’ I recently posted:

I truly hope what you learn will help you to decide on the correct choices that will remedy your painful malady in the future.

My best to you and yours,

AI – self taught nutritionIsT >[(-:]

Daniel asks…

How to cure an extremely itchy scalp?

I recently went back to my home country, which is very hot and dry. Because I stayed there for such a long time, it had a profound affect on my hair. About a month and a half ago, while I was there, I found lice in my hair and that’s when the itchiness started. After two weeks of treatment, the lice was gone, but my scalp was still itchy and I developed dandruff.

It’s been almost three weeks since I came back from there, and the itchiness is still not gone. I bought Head & Shoulders, and that helped a lot with the flakes but not with the itchiness. Once my hair would dry, it would come back. And I was also using a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner.
If you feel my scalp, you can easily notice that there’s a lot of severe bumps on it. I’m pretty sure that my scalp is red, too, but you can’t really tell since I have think and long hair. I checked for lice again, but there are none.
Can you guys give me either home remedies or the name of products (that would be available in Canada) that really work? Thanks. :)

Daniel answers:

Please listen to me… I have been treated because my dandruff was so bad, I used Neutrogena TSAL shampoo. It works. I hope i helped because it works the best.

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